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Clearing pathways

HERNS SAND & GRAVEL has built roads ranging from short driveways to mile long roads which are built to municipal road standards.

In every case we attempt to minimize the effects of construction while doing the work.

Walk us through your bush to pick out a route for a cottage road and we can comment on the various features of the lot. We can point out where a tree would be lost if the road was to be placed too close, or how a group of small trees could be encouraged to grow by taking out a single tree.

We plan the route of the road so that the maximum amount of on-site material can be used with the minimum disturbance to the surrounding area.

If the road is a formal one, we will walk along the potential route with the surveyors pointing out potential savings for the client. We do our best to not only provide you with a practical path but one that is also pleasing to the eyes.